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Transform your CV from a traditional A4 document into a visually appealing, mobile-friendly website that is easy to share, find, read, and respond to. Enhance your chances of securing your dream job.

Why you should have one

Professional & Effective

Fully customized, career goal oriented & easily scannable thanks to valuable input from experienced recruiters.


Easy for your audience to learn about you and easy for you to have one (2 min) as we create and maintain it for you.

Interactive & Futureproof

Mobile-friendly, easy to share & maintain with appealing interactive features, increasing your chances of getting a job interview.

How it works

Choose your membership

Select the membership that works for you! Upgrade or change your membership type at any time.

Sign Up and Order

Register with your current CV and order. The registration and order process is very simple.

Pre Screening

We schedule an appointment to go through your CV and offer in-depth advice on optimizing it.

We build your site

You read that right; WE create your CV site. To ensure that your CV is processed optimally and to save you time.

Your confirmation

We'll send you the link to your CV site for you to confirm. Any adjustments will be processed within 24 hours.

Share & Apply

Share your CV site online. With your interactive CV you will definitely stand out and get the job you want. Good luck!

Basic, Premium or Pro?


Your own easy-to-scan CV site

We create a visually appealing and user-friendly CV website with a proven effective layout. Simplify sharing your CV and enable recruiters to quickly scan and take action.

  • Based on your current CV
  • Interactive & mobile-friendly
  • Easy to send, share & download


Your CV site checked by a pro

Our career advisors offer personalized guidance on optimizing your profile and preferences to create a CV that passes the 6-second recruiter eye-scan (CV-Check).

  • Clear and scannable lay-out
  • Optimized by experienced recruiters
  • Most effective version of your CV


Unique & fully-featured design

Enhance your CV site with integrated content like voice messages, videos, and photos to make a lasting impression and increase your chances of success in your job applications.

  • Visual and auditory elements added
  • Professional, innovative and distinctive
  • Best first impression possible

What others say

Image of Sophie


People Business Partner

With MyCVsite, I was guided and got my own CV site without having to invest a lot of time and worry about the layout.

Image of Maikel


Data Scientist

The responses to my CV site were truly overwhelming. And yes, it finally helped me to get the job I wanted :-).

Image of Chantal


Business Consultant

My CV site definitely made a difference when applying for jobs. The interactive features really stand out.

Get your own CV site


€7/month - from 2nd year*
  • BASIC CV site - based on your current cv
  • Contact & social media buttons
  • CV download link
  • Profile update 1x/year


€8/month - from 2nd year*
  • PREMIUM CV site
  • Contact & social media buttons
  • CV download link
  • Profile update 2x/year
  • CV in one additional language
  • Custom branding
  • Professional CV-Check: experience a personalized CV-Check with our career advisors. In just 45 minutes, we optimize your CV's format, layout, and structure to perfectly align with your career preferences, ensuring a tailored and impactful presentation.


€9/month - from 2nd year*
  • PRO CV site
  • Contact & social media buttons
  • CV download link
  • Unlimited profile updates
  • CV in 2 additional languages
  • Extended branding: background and more
  • Professional CV-Check: experience a personalized CV-Check with our career advisors. In just 45 minutes, we optimize your CV's format, layout, and structure to perfectly align with your career preferences, ensuring a tailored and impactful presentation.
  • Additional page features: testimonials, portfolio, image gallery, video, voice message, and more
  • Page stats and visitor details with Google Analytics
  • Personal support within 4 hours
  • Remove branding
  • Connect a domain
    for example,

* Enjoy our one-time set-up fee for building your personalized CV site in the first year. From the second year onwards, benefit from a flexible monthly subscription for maintaining and updating your CV site, with the freedom to cancel at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I have a CV site built?
A CV site is a powerful tool to enhance your visibility, strengthen your personal brand, and showcase your skills and accomplishments. It provides a dynamic and comprehensive representation of your professional profile, boosting your chances of standing out in the job market and attracting potential employers. Maximize your opportunities and take control of your career journey with a captivating CV site.
What's needed to get started?
Simply email us your optimized CV after the pre-screening or CV-Check, and our designers will swiftly build your personalized CV website. We understand the importance of staying up-to-date, so once you've made adjustments to your CV, send it over, and we'll take care of transforming it into a professional and engaging online presence.
Elevate your CV site with a touch of personalization by including photos, videos, voice messages, a portfolio, and a custom background (available with our Premium plan). Feel free to send us these additional elements along with your CV, and our team will integrate them seamlessly into your site. Stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression with a dynamic and visually captivating CV presentation.
Who builds my site and what if any adjustments need to be made?
WE build your website for you! We'll create a fully customized and optimized site based on your most recent and checked CV. Our goal is to save you time while guaranteeing a unique online identity that reflects your individuality. No standard profiles or templates like on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.). Each website is 100% tailor-made, allowing us to capture the perfect look and feel that aligns with your personality, situation, and preferences. As your needs evolve, your CV site can also adapt, ensuring it remains a true reflection of who you are.
You have the flexibility to request minor adjustments for your CV site at any time, regardless of the plan you have. These adjustments will be implemented within 24 hours (or 4 hours for Pro plan members). For major changes or additions to your CV site, the processing time may vary depending on the plan you have (with the Pro plan offering unlimited changes). Rest assured, our team is dedicated to ensuring your CV site meets your requirements and is always ready to assist you with any updates you need.
Which plan is best for me?
If you're seeking a CV that perfectly aligns with your personality, preferences, and ambitions, our Premium plan is the ideal choice for you. With this plan, your CV undergoes a thorough review and enhancement by our experienced recruiters, who specialize in creating impactful first impressions. They will work closely with you to ensure your CV effectively showcases your strengths and achievements, increasing your chances of success in the job market. Choose our Premium plan to receive a comprehensive CV that maximizes your potential and sets you apart from the competition.
If you're looking to make an even stronger impression with your CV site by adding personal voice messages, portfolios, photos, graphics, or videos, our Pro plan is the perfect fit for you. With this plan, you have the flexibility to showcase your skills and accomplishments in a dynamic and visually appealing way. Whether you want to highlight your projects, share testimonials, or present your work samples, the Pro plan allows you to do it all. Upgrade to our Pro plan and create a standout CV site that leaves a lasting impact on potential employers.
Are you interested in publishing your CV site under your own domain name, free from any MyCVsite branding? Then our Pro plan is the perfect choice for you. With the Pro plan, you have the option to customize your domain name and create a professional online presence that truly represents your personal brand. Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with your own domain name on your CV site. Upgrade to our Pro plan today and take control of your online presence.
Not quite ready to establish your personal brand with a custom domain? No worries! Get started with our Basic site plan. With the Basic plan, you'll receive a simple and user-friendly site based on your current CV, along with a personalized MyCVsite link, such as This link is exclusively yours, allowing you to showcase your professional profile and easily share it with others. When you're ready to take your online presence to the next level, you can always upgrade to one of our other plans. Start building your CV site today with our Basic plan and make a memorable impression in the job market.
Can I add more photos or videos to my page?
By upgrading to our Pro plan, you unlock the ability to create a captivating mini portfolio on your CV site. This portfolio preview will be displayed below your name and headline, catching the attention of visitors. When someone clicks on a thumbnail, a visually appealing overlay will showcase your photos and videos right on your page. You have the freedom to upload up to 30 photos along with captions, allowing you to highlight your offerings and accomplishments.
Additionally, you can embed an introductory voice message or video directly on your page. Use the voice message to personally introduce yourself, provide insights about your CV or situation, and pitch your unique value.
Alternatively, showcase a video that gives visitors a deeper understanding of who you are and how you present yourself. If you have a showreel or a video that provides more insights into your work, we can seamlessly integrate it into your page. With the Pro plan, you have the opportunity to get creative and make a lasting impression through visual and multimedia elements.
What does “remove branding” mean?
With our Pro plan, we put the focus entirely on you and your personal brand. When you upgrade and use your own personalized domain, your CV site will be free from any branding. This means that there won't be any headers, footers, or other elements that could distract from your unique identity.
Your CV site will exude professionalism and showcase your individuality without any external branding. It's all about creating a seamless and cohesive experience for your visitors, allowing them to fully engage with your personal brand and credentials. Upgrade to Pro and let your personal domain elevate your online presence..
Can I cancel my plan?
We take care of building your CV site for you, ensuring it aligns with your career goals and preferences. In the first year, we charge a one-time fee that covers the cost for creating your CV site.
From the second year onwards, you will be billed a monthly subscription fee for the ongoing maintenance and updates of your site. This subscription can be canceled at any time, giving you flexibility and control over your plan. We believe in providing a transparent and hassle-free service that allows you to focus on your career journey.
What is the difference with other online profiles like those on LinkedIn for instance?
While LinkedIn and a CV site serve as online platforms to showcase your professional profile, it's important to understand their differences. A CV site offers a more comprehensive and personalized representation of your skills, achievements, and career journey. It provides a dedicated space to present your unique identity and allows for customization beyond the limitations of a standard LinkedIn profile.
A CV site is specifically designed to create a lasting impression on potential employers and stand out from the competition. It allows for greater creativity in design, the inclusion of multimedia elements like photos and videos, and the flexibility to tailor the content to suit your specific needs. It serves as a dynamic and interactive portfolio that can highlight your expertise and accomplishments in a visually appealing manner.
On the other hand, LinkedIn serves as a professional networking platform where you can connect with colleagues, peers, and potential employers. It provides a broader reach and facilitates networking opportunities. While it offers a space to display your work experience and skills, it may not allow for the same level of customization and personalization as a dedicated CV site.
By recognizing these distinctions, you can leverage LinkedIn as a supplementary tool to direct contacts to your CV site, where they can delve deeper into your professional background and get a more comprehensive understanding of your capabilities and potential fit for opportunities.
Why do you use this specific layout?
The answer is simple; because it is the most effective layout for a CV. Do you want to know why? We are happy to share it with you.
The reason why this clear and simple layout is considered the most effective for a CV is because it enhances readability and allows recruiters or hiring managers to quickly grasp the essential information about a candidate. Here are a few key reasons:
Easy Scannability: Recruiters often spend only a few seconds scanning a CV before deciding whether to delve deeper. A clear layout with organized sections, bullet points, and headings makes it easier for them to quickly locate relevant details such as work experience, skills, and qualifications.
Highlighting Key Information: A simple layout helps prioritize the most important information, such as your professional experience and achievements. It allows you to showcase your expertise and relevant qualifications prominently, ensuring they catch the reader's attention.
Visual Appeal: A clean and visually appealing layout contributes to a positive first impression. It demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail, reflecting positively on your overall presentation.
Readability: A clear and well-structured layout enhances readability, making it easier for the reader to navigate through the CV. It helps avoid clutter and ensures that the information is presented in a logical and coherent manner.
Adaptability: A simple layout is adaptable to different formats and can be easily customized to fit specific job applications or industry requirements. It allows for flexibility in tailoring the CV to highlight relevant skills and experiences for a particular role.
Overall, a clear and simple layout improves the chances of your CV being understood, appreciated, and remembered by recruiters. It enables them to quickly assess your qualifications and suitability for a position, increasing your chances of progressing in the hiring process.
Do you still prefer a different layout? No problem! Each CV site is fully customized.
Why choose over another service? is designed to cater to the needs of job seekers who aim to streamline their application process and enhance their chances of success in job applications. By providing an interactive and personalized CV site with a dedicated domain, it offers a convenient and effective way to present yourself professionally and stand out in the competitive job market.
With, you can create a visually appealing and dynamic version of your CV that showcases your skills, qualifications, and achievements in an engaging manner. The personalized domain adds a professional touch to your application, allowing you to easily share your CV site with employers and recruiters.
The platform is built with innovation and professionalism in mind, ensuring that your CV site reflects your unique identity and presents your profile in an impactful way. Moreover, the user-friendly interface and efficient setup process make it quick and hassle-free to create your CV site. Our team takes care of the technical aspects, so you can focus on presenting your best self to potential employers.
By leveraging the features and benefits of, you can streamline your application process, present yourself optimally, and increase your chances of securing the job you desire. It offers a modern and effective approach to job applications, giving you a competitive edge in the hiring process.

Our solution for universities & employers

We provide customized packages for universities seeking to provide their students with an additional tool for successful job applications. We also offer packages tailored to employers who have their own CV standards for applicants or wish to support their employees, such as through offboarding programs.